If you get everything for free and are a not-for-profit why won’t you give me what I want for $1.27?

It is true that salvaging reusable materials prior to landfill is a fairly unique way of obtaining stock, and it might appear that we we get everything for “free”- much like the fish in the oceans are “free”. Few people would argue, however, that fisherpeople should not be paid for what they do.

So it might help to think of us as landfill anglers or fishers of the tip. Resource has to pay workers for a job that at times can be difficult, unpleasant and hazardous; run and maintain three trucks plus other equipment; pay insurances and rent; etc, etc. While we aim to be affordable and good value, our pricing must enable us to meet our costs- like any other business.

Do you buy stock? Can I sell you a thing?

Sorry, we do not, and you can not.


Do you deliver? Will you pick up my old couch?

Yes, yes we do. Contact our Pick-Up Service to arrange a collection or delivery – phone 1300 575 866.


Hang on - why didn't you accept my old couch last weekend?

While we are very grateful that you thought of us, unfortunately we are not able to accept every donation we are offered. We have limited storage space and can only accept items that there is a reasonable demand for. We are also only able to accept items that are clean, safe and in a good enough condition to be reused.

Please see one of our staff members in the drop-off area before leaving donations.

Where do the profits go? Are you part of the Council? Who funds you?

Resource is an independent not-for-profit workers cooperative but what does that mean? We are self-funding and almost all the money we make after paying our overheads (wages, rent, insurance, etc.) is invested back into making Resource Work Cooperative a sustainable and dynamic organization.

Most importantly any surplus generated is used to create more employment opportunities. The work we do is sustainable, ethical and rewarding and our organisation is run cooperatively by all our worker members together. We are proud to be able to open up new employment in a state traditionally lacking work opportunities. Some of our surplus is also invested in infrastructure to improve our shop facilities and storage.

Resource is an active participant in the Hobart community – which is why we organize the Art From Trash community art exhibition, AppleLand and also donate a percentage of our profits each year to charities or organisations nominated by the cooperative each year. We also donate some of the more amazing, rare and culturally significant finds to suitable community organisations to ensure appropriate stewardship of these items.