Ewaste Recycling

Our E-Waste team processes items such as desktop and laptop computers, servers, network switches and UPS’s. E-Waste workers separate these items into different components that can be recycled and maximise the recovery of precious metals including gold, silver, copper,
aluminium, cobalt and more.

We currently have partnerships with several local councils and businesses to collect and process their e-waste and we also salvage e-waste from the South Hobart tip and accept e-waste drop offs. Please drop off any e-waste that you’d like to see recycled. For more information see our e-waste flyer here.

Businesses, councils or other organisations who would like to engage Resource around responsible e-waste recycling are encouraged to contact us at recycling@resourcetipshop.com.

Pre-processing E-waste locally, onsite ensures:

Maximum re-use potential for functioning electrical goods

Lower carbon miles

Creates local jobs, and we all like jobs!