The amount of energy and resources required to feed our technological demands is huge. Computers, laptops and tablets are manufactured across the world, from resources extracted from across the world, often at a huge environmental and social cost.


We receive donations of e-waste from the community, and we also salvage e-waste from the waste transfer station.

Our E-Waste team processes items such as desktop and laptop computers, servers, network switches, UPS’s and various components. 


Ourworkers identify particular items that are repairable and reusable. Our team safely and efficiently repair/rebuild these items.

Items that are not repairable are either sold for parts or dismantled to be recycled.


The Computer Repair Team sell a wide range of laptops, desktop PCs, tablets and components both through our shop and via our online sales store. Come into the shop and check out our stock and have a chat to our Team. Otherwise go to our Online Sales Store.

Pre-processing E-waste locally, onsite ensures:

Maximum re-use potential for functioning electrical goods

Lower carbon miles

Creates local jobs, and we all like jobs!